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5 daily habits of people with glowy skin

June 30, 2016

Take up these tiny tweaks today and get the dewy skin of dreams – without spending a penny.

M.A.C. for Ginger & Smart

1. Take your skincare to the edges of your face.

I once had an über luxe facial at Utraceuticals HQ, Sydney. They looked at my skin not unlike detectives and told me it was in pretty good nick. But, the one tip the facialist gave me was a game-changer – your skin is dry on the periphery. What? “Are you taking your products right to the edge of your face – to your hairline?,” she stressed. Well, no – because I’m always in a massive rush and sweep my skincare over my nose, and a little past it. Since then – I’ve taken a lot more care and rubbed those serums right into the edges – with awesome results. Slow it down. Your skin and hair will thank you.

2. Wait at least 30 seconds before you apply your next product.

A dermatologist once said to me (Sydney’s Dr. Natasha Cook to be precise) why would you put active ingredients on your face that you’re just going to wipe away? Makes sense doesn’t it? Let them sink in and do their thing for a little while before you swipe something else over the top. Put your serum on and have a cup of tea. Put your moisturiser on and clean your teeth. You get the drift.

3. Ice your face in the morning.

I have to admit I stole this beauty trick off my nineties beauty idol, Kate Moss – and it’s a goodie. And it’s free. And the best bit? She learnt it from the classic film, Mommie Dearest. Yep. Remember the opening scene? Actress Faye Dunaway dunks her entire face into a tub of ice. “It definitely works, because all the blood comes to the surface,” says Moss.

4. Wear a ( Rag&Bone) hat.

This is from my hat-wearing grandmother (Heather) who had very few wrinkles when she died in her seventies. Protecting your face from the sun is the simplest, cheapest anti-ageing trick in the book. A whopping 80% of ageing can be attributed to UV exposure, according to recent research from Mintel. So whether it’s a trucker cap or felt Rag&Bone – put. It. On.

5. Don’t move your face – much.

I mean you still want to have a little charisma. But, every single day I see women driving to work, talking on the phone, squinting into the sun and frowning with all their might. Keep your face still ladies. Even Kim Kardashian has famously declared that she avoids smiling in pictures to avoid wrinkles ­– I think she may be onto something. According to the Mayo Clinic, every time you use a facial muscle to frown or squint, a groove forms beneath the surface of the skin. As you age – your skin just doesn’t bounce back. And guess what? These grooves become permanent fixtures ­– on your face. I didn’t need the Mayo Clinic to tell me that. As my mother told me from a young age ( thanks Mum ) don’t squint, frown or move your face. Be expressionless.  #icequeen #whoneedsbotox

Credit: M.A.C. for Ginger&Smart/Flaunter Images