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Last weekend before Christmas freak out

December 17, 2011

Some people start purchasing Christmas presents at the January sales and squirrel them away until Santa time. Others, who will remain nameless, scurry off on Christmas Eve and lurch from store to store in a confused rush until closing time. In a stressful, time-poor world, Christmas can become just another generator of the dreaded to do list.

Don’t be frightened of shopping online. It’s easy peasy and you can return anything you don’t like. I’ve had my Christmas list all wrapped up and delivered over the last few weeks. If you’re not as organised as little old me, don’t fret pet, we’ve got some darling last minute Christmas pressies from Beauty Hunter. Beauty gifts are useful and luxurious and we promise we’ll have them wrapped and delivered before Santa gets here.


1. Becca Halcyon Days Palette Limited Edition, $65

2. Apple & Bee Love Tree Embroidered Coin Purse, $21.95

3. Apple & Bee Tulips Foldout Toiletry Bag, $49.95

4. Ecoya Candle Everyday Tins, $27.95