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Your best ever beauty tips

January 10, 2012

Girls have always got a beauty trick or two up their sleeve. Here our Beauty Hunter readers tell us their favourite beauty tips for summer and beyond…

1. For flawless under eye concealer, tilt your head backwards slightly and close your mouth before gently patting on concealer. This way, the product will skim over fine lines instead of settling in and accentuating them. It’s hard not to pull “mascara face” (mouth wide open) but the end result is well worth it. Dianne Childs

2. Beauty Hunter loves these tips from beautiful ballerina Elke Crowe…
– Use white pencil on the inner lower lid (or waterline) to make your eyes appear bigger.
– For a slick bun or pony tail use sorbelene to smooth any wispy bits.
– Apply liquid or pencil eyeliner before putting on false eyelashes – it helps when positioning the lashes.
Elke Crowe,

“For a slick bun or pony tail use sorbelene to smooth any wispy bits,” says Elke Crowe, ballerina.

3. To get a pro finish on your at-home fake tan: wash and dry your hands carefully then gently rub the backs of your hands over your legs to pick up any excess and coat them with a subtle amount of colour. Also, remember to rub your wrists together to prevent lines and always check between your fingers for stray product. Sigourney Cantelo, Health & Beauty Director, Vogue Australia

4. Consistency is the key to good skin. Cleanse and moisturise regularly and be vigilant about it. Also…(and this is such a cliché, but it works) get lots of sleep, eat plenty of wholefoods and be good to your body. Your skin will thank you for it! Anon

5. For a sun kissed look that doesn’t harm your precious skin use a powder bronzer with a hint of gold shimmer this summer. Sophie Pearson

6. From an aesthetic purpose, beauty also starts from within. I mean besides a glowing personality! For skin, hair and eyes to stay at their best it’s important to eat properly and stay hydrated. No amount of make up can hide poor hair and skin quality. When your canvas is healthy it is really easy to glam up. Paulina Pawlak

7. They say that eyes are the windows to the soul for a reason. If you have no time for anything else then go straight to your eyes, darken and lengthen your lashes to frame your eyes. Big, beautiful eyes are the key. Check your brows, maybe darken them a little and you’ll balance your whole face. Sophie Bianca

8. My best ever beauty tip is to take the time to make yourself gorgeous, intriguing and wise on the inside. No amount of makeup and glitter can disguise an ugly soul, but a beautiful personality will shine through every time. Jenna Osborne

“No amount of make up can hide poor hair and skin quality,” believes Paulina Pawlak.

9. For extra curl and oomph for your eyelashes, blast your eyelash curler with a hairdryer for about 10 seconds only {just be careful not to burn your delicate eyelids!} Sarah Ling Woods

10. My best beauty tip is simple and cheap. For subtle hair highlights, squeeze fresh lemon juice in strands of your hair and sit in the sun. Lisa Papageorgiou

11. Slice a lemon in half and rub directly on your elbows to keep the skin looking smooth and feel soft. Christine Morris 

12. You can’t always be bothered taking your makeup off each night so a really lazy and cheap way to do it is with baby wipes. They work so well and you know they’re not harsh as they’re for babies bums. Sarah Morrison

“If your running short of time keep your look simple, 5 minutes before you head out is not the time to start experimenting with a new look,” says Sharon Fawcett.

Thanks for all your great beauty tips Beauty Hunters! Keep them coming…