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Frankly my dear

June 19, 2015

Frank Body the clever chaps behind that skin and social media sensation, the crunchy coffee body scrub, have recently released their very first face range with three products: cleanser, scrub and moisturiser. Before you say OMG isn’t that like Chapstick launching a body wash range – it’s actually skin-lovingly spot on.

The verdict:

Frank Body Creamy Face Cleanser

Let's be frank: Frank Body Creamy Cleanser
Let’s be frank: Frank Body Creamy Cleanser

Despite the fact that this cleanser is the startling tone of polished concrete thanks to star ingredient charcoal, it’s worth the initial shock for the impurity fighting power. Charcoal draws out bacteria, dirt and chemicals and is deeply detoxifying. There’s also anti-inflammatories coconut oil, marshmallow root and skin-stimulating green coffee bean extract. All in all a very nourishing cleanse for all skin types, particularly oily/combination. My skin is fresh, luminous and clear after a couple of weeks using this baby. Love me, buy me: Frank Body Creamy Cleanser, $19.95

Frank Body Creamy Face Scrub

Frank Body

Like goldilocks, I road test until I find just the right balance. After exclaiming ‘This scrub is too rough’ and ‘This scrub is too creamy’ too many times to recall, thankfully I found this just-rough-enough scrub, just right. Use twice a week for smooth, supple skin. It’s packed with detoxifying white clay, finely ground robusta coffee plus nourishing oils of coconut, rose hip and grape seed. Love me, buy me: Frank Body Creamy Face Scrub, $19.95

Frank Body Everyday Face Moisturiser

Frank Body Everyday Moisturiser

Heavy, rich moisturisers just don’t do it for me. Yes I am ageing (gracefully) but heavy textures can still cause breakouts. I crave a light texture but still rich in ingredients. I like what Frank Body has created here – a truly useful, light everyday moisturiser without SPF so I can layer it underneath SPF-laden foundation products by day or slather it on alone for a beauty sleep. It also hits the right note between antioxidant and antibacterial ingredients to fight ageing and prevent spots. Love me, buy me: Frank Body Everyday Face Moisturiser, $21.95.