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How to: get perfect school gate hair

June 21, 2015
Loop the loop: a dead-easy hairstyle that looks like you’re not even trying to look good. Oh but you do – you do! Hair by Schwarzkopf for ae’lkemi SS15

I’ve been on the beauty hunt for a morning hairstyle that didn’t look like I’d just had a pillow fight but didn’t look too try hard and overdone either. A meek hairstyle for those in-between days. A hairstyle that wouldn’t feel wrong at the school gate, at a creative office perhaps or taking out the bins on a blustery morn.


1. This works well with second day hair but if you’re blowdrying from freshly washed be sure to layer up with loads of mousse for hold and texture. Try: Schwarzkopf Professional OSiS Grip Volume Mousse or Kevin Murphy Body Builder

2. Brush out the product then back comb hair, aiming for volume.

3. Part hair down the middle then smooth backcombed hair into a low pony. Don’t be too neat!
4. Loop the hair through one more time with hair elastic exposed.
Hair by Schwarzkopf Hair Director, Michael O’Dowd
  • Jon

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  • Love that hairstyle! Very sophisticated with an undone touch!

    Abby of My Hair Care